Education is an important concept for Filipinos. It is a value that’s as cherished as their love for family.  And in this age of globalization, many young Filipinos find that getting an international higher education degree, especially in the European Union, affords them great opportunities not just here in their home country, but throughout the world.

This year, we are once again opening the gateways of EU through education with the 2018 European Higher Education Fair.  Universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from the EU will be on hand to show Filipino students that a European education is an obtainable goal for those who are seeking to expand their horizons through higher education.

This year’s theme of “Sustaining Innovation and Excellence” further promotes the diversity and excellent quality of higher education in the EU. EHEF is envisioned to enable prospective students to get essential information and mobility programmes from EU universities and HEIs through direct interaction.  Aside from strengthening the educational link between EU and the Philippines, EHEF is the best platform for students and HEI representatives to connect and extend their network. 

We believe that pursuing higher education in the European Union gives students a different perspective in all aspects of life, not just in education.  For this young generation, this could be a valuable skill in their future careers and endeavors.  We are confident that the high quality of an EU education will make industry leaders out of these young academic achievers.  This very thought continually inspires us in organizing this Fair, and keeps us excited for the future of the Philippines and the European Union.

Welcome to EHEF 2018. 


Ambassador European Union