Education is one of the priority areas of cooperation between the EU and the Philippines in the bilateral Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. This is because we believe in providing people with capacity of critical
thought and cross-cutting skills and giving a platform where innovation, creativity, and dynamism can flourish.

Higher education however needs to take into account changing technology and internationalisation to provide students with the right skills and qualifications.

We hope that the European Higher Education Fair 2018 will pave the way for Filipino youth to have a better access to information about the EU higher educational systems, and more specifically about the 32
higher institutions from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Since 2012, the EHEF has become a regular feature of the European Union Delegation's public diplomacy outreach.

Through this fair, we want to underscore our goals to promote the EU as a centre of quality and excellence in higher education and in developing mobility and people-to-people links between the EU and the Philippines.

We believe that pursuing higher education in the European Union gives students a different perspective in all aspects of life, not just in education. For this generation, this could be a valuable skill in their future careers and endeavours. We are confident that the high quality of an EU education will make industry leaders out of these academic achievers. This very thought continually inspires us in organizing this Fair, and keeps us excited for the future of the Philippines and the European Union.

Let the EHEF 2018 be your first step to pursuing your goals for academic excellence, mobility, and diversity. Welcome to EHEF 2018.


Ambassador European Union